Generic Propecia

Product Name: Generic Propecia

Active Ingredients: Finasteride

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Generic Propecia is a drug applied for the treatment and prevention of male-pattern baldness. Its main component is finasteride. The available dosage is 5 mg. The correct dosage is specified by a doctor. It helps restore hair and increase density.

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Propecia is an oral drug used for the treatment of male-pattern hair loss. The active ingredient of the drug is finasteride,

Indications for use

Propecia is used to treat baldness of the so-called androgenic type. Such baldness violates hormonal metabolism (most often in men) and terminates hair growth.

How does it work?

Baldness occurs due to an excess of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone in the body, as a result of which the hair follicles die and hair begins to fall out. The action of Propecia is based on blocking the production of dihydrotestosterone, as a result of which the death of the bulbs and hair loss ceases. After that, the action of the drug is aimed at restoring the hairline of a man, but it will take some time to recover. As you know, hair grows on average 1 cm per month, so at least 3 months should pass for a better result.

Even after obtaining the desired result, you should take this drug to consolidate the effect, and if dihydrotestosterone is re-produced, you can be prescribed Propecia on an ongoing basis. Do not worry, it is completely safe since the drug is intended for continuous use and will not affect your body in any negative way.

Dosage and administration

Take 1 tablet daily or as directed by a physician. Dosage is provided individually for each person, depending on the course of the disease and general health, as well as the action of the drug. If you missed the planned dose of Propecia, you should not take a double dose, just wait for the next dose and take the prescribed dosage.


There are some contraindications that limit the use of Propecia. But contraindications do not apply to men because the drug is completely safe for them and there are practically no restrictions on use. Contraindications apply only to women – they should not take this drug. These pills are not intended for women suffering from baldness, it will have no effect since the drug is aimed at treating male pattern baldness, and the pills can negatively affect the unborn baby.

Side effects

The safety of generic Propecia has been proven by many clinical trials, as well as the successful action of the drug since 1998. When using the pills in men, the percentage of side effects is almost zero. Side effects are minor and not dangerous for the patient, therefore this drug is very popular and in demand.

In very rare cases, men reported the following side effects:

  • decreased sex drive;
  • sperm reduction;
  • problems with achieving an erection.

But these side effects were extremely rare and quickly disappeared.


An overdose of a drug rarely causes a negative reaction.

Sometimes men can experience skin itching, digestive upset, decreased sexual activity, anxiety, depression.

When you restore the pill regimen, unpleasant symptoms go away. Treatment cessation does not have negative consequences and does not affect the general condition of patients.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Propecia is intended only for men with systemic hair loss. Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant should not use this drug.

If the drug is taken by a woman who is pregnant with a boy, theoretically this can lead to the birth of a boy with genital malformations.

Drug interactions

Propecia is compatible withal drugs. Studies have not revealed a negative effect of other drugs on the effectiveness of finasteride.

If you are taking stimulant drugs for potency, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe the correct dosage of the tablets.

Foods and alcohol

Fatty foods and alcohol negatively affect not only hair growth but also the vital activity of the whole organism. During treatment with Propecia, you should abandon alcohol and adhere to proper nutrition. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, greens.

Remove fried, spicy, salty foods from your diet. A healthy diet will provide the body with the necessary trace elements and vitamins, cause active hair growth and increase blood circulation on the scalp. Hair follicles grow and renew faster in men without bad habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  • Propecia can cause a decrease in libido or cause temporary erectile dysfunction;
  • The drug can help reduce reproductive ability in men;
  • Men taking these pills cannot be donors. Blood can be donated at least a month after drug withdrawal;
  • When taking high doses of finasteride, the risk of developing certain types of prostate cancer increases;
  • In rare cases, men taking this medicine have been diagnosed with breast cancer. If you notice any changes in your chest, you should inform your doctor about this;
  • If a man taking finasteride drugs has sexual contact with a pregnant woman, he needs to use barrier methods of contraception;
  • The use of the drug may affect the results of some medical tests, including a PSA test (prostate-specific antigen), which is used to screen for prostate cancer, so be sure to tell your doctor about taking finasteride pills before doing any tests.

Advantages of the drug

Generic Propecia has the following advantages:

  • Low cost;
  • Guaranteed effect, active growth of new hair and the prevention of new foci of baldness;
  • The drug can be taken by young and old men;
  • Compatibility with other medicines;
  • Minimum number of contraindications and rare side effects;
  • The tablets are compatible with a small amount of alcohol and fatty foods;
  • The drug does not cause drug dependence.

How to store Propecia?

Store the product in a dry place at a room temperature, away from pets and small children. Do not freeze the product and avoid expose to sunlight.
Do not used the expired drug. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.