Product Name: Kamagra

Active Ingredients: Sildenafil Citrate

Price: $2.42 per pill

Kamagra is a generic of classic Viagra. It contains 100 mg of sildenafil. The pill is taken 30-40 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. The effect duration is- 4-6 hours. Alcohol is not compatible with this drug. Mild side effects.

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Kamagra is a drug that is used for erectile dysfunction. It contains an active ingredient sildenafil citrate,

Indications for use

Kamagra is a great solution to overcome erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it cures even the most complex cases. Small dosages can be used as a prophylaxis of disorders when excessive excitement can play a cruel joke with a man and cause a woman to doubt his sexual viability. The use of this medicine can be a great option when a man wants to refresh his sensations during intimacy and get new experiences.

How does it work?

The action of sildenafil provides not only a high-quality but also a long-term erection since it inhibits the production of the substance PDE-5 in the body, which stimulates the outflow of blood from the penis. Sildenafil in no way replaces the natural processes of sexual intercourse. It only stimulates them. The first signs of the positive effect appear 40-50 minutes after administration. The exposure lasts about four hours.

Dosage and administration

Take 1 tablet 40-50 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse.

The effectiveness of the drug decreases after eating fatty foods. Kamagra tablets are incompatible with alcohol even in minimal quantities. Sildenafil acts only when the man is sexually aroused – this eliminates the likelihood of a spontaneous erection occurring at the most crucial moment.


You can use Kamagra only after consulting your doctor. Never exceed the recommneded dosage.

In some cases, the use if this drug is contraindicated:

  • eye diseases, in particular, retinitis pigmentosa and rare hereditary diseases;
  • liver or renal failure;
  • allergic reactions to sildenafil;
  • cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or hypotension, angina pectoris;
  • stroke or heart attack suffered in the past six months;
  • convulsive syndrome;
  • myeloma;
  • atony of the bladder;
  • prostatic hypoplasia.

If you have diabetes, the medicine can only be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Side effects

You can only take 1 tablet per day. This dose is enough to achieve an erection in both minor and serious sexual disorders.

Exceeding the dosage can cause:

  • headache;
  • dizziness
  • dyspepsia;
  • facial redness;
  • nasal congestion.

These adverse reactions quickly disappear, however, their appearance indicates that you should consult a doctor to correct a dose of sildenafil. If necessary, you can simply divide the tablet into several parts, reducing the dosage to the optimum.

Drug interactions

Kamagra is incompatible with some medications:

  • other PDE-5 inhibitors or other agents containing sildenafil;
  • nitrates and poppers;
  • alpha blockers, drugs for high blood pressure. This combination can lead to dizziness, a sharp drop in blood pressure, fainting;
  • rifampicin and bosentan. They reduce the effectiveness of Kamagra;
  • antifungal drugs, HIV protease inhibitors, macrolides, narcotic analgesics.

Advantages of the drug

Here are a few reasons why you should buy Kamagra:

  • Guaranteed effect;
  • Long and stable erection;
  • Your sex will last at least 20 minutes, and you will control your orgasm;
  • Bright sexual discharge;
  • A burst of strength and increased stamina in bed;
  • The safe formulation does not cause drug dependence, even with regular use.
  • The drug does not cause a feeling of weakness and drowsiness;
  • The drug has a small number of side effects;
  • The use of the recommended dosage causes no unpleasant consequences;
  • Low cost and pleasant discounts.