Which Pharmacy Has the Best Prices?

Pharmacy Best Prices

Many customers have already noticed that Texas Chemist is often called the cheapest online pharmacy, a store with the lowest prices for medications. This pharmacy is aimed at providing comfortable, safe and affordable medical care to the social strata of the population and assuming a minimum markup on the entire range of goods, so the prices here are indeed lower than in conventional pharmacies and other online stores.

“Low prices pharmacy” quickly began to gain popularity not only among pensioners, beneficiaries, and people suffering from chronic diseases but also among young people and the working population. In addition to medicines, you can buy here many necessary products in everyday life. However, some skeptics have reasonable questions: “Why does Texas Chmist offer so low prices for drugs? Does product quality suffer at the same time?”

“It does not suffer,” the pharmacy directory assured. – Our pharmacy is under state control, which ensures price stability and guarantees quality service. The state controls the company’s activities – this concerns both the quality of goods and prices. Pricing is controlled in a constant mode.”

In addition, Texas Chemist is an organization only works with large, proven pharmaceutical suppliers, or directly with manufacturers, which means that the risk of violations during transportation of goods and penetration into the network of counterfeit is zero. “Small suppliers do not interest us for the simple reason: they buy drugs from various companies and resell them to retail pharmacies. The conditions of transportation and storage, in this case, is under a question. For many drugs, it is important to adhere to the special transportation conditions – externally, the drug may look normal, but its properties may be lost, and it will be ineffective,” – the pharmacy directory explained.

Moreover, the company clearly organizes the work of the department to control the quality of products. “This department keeps track of every incoming party – it compares all items with lists of rejected lots because every consignment of medicinal products is compulsorily examined, after that it receives a quality certificate,” – said the pharmacist working at Texas Chemist.

In addition, the company also conducts selective quality control of drugs, which is carried out in the laboratory. Under the law, such control is not required now, but our pharmacy is guarding the quality and health of its customers.

So why do we sell cheap medications?

The answer is simple: we profit from purchasing activity. By lowering prices, we are increasing demand, and this is the main idea. For this purpose, our company has developed an exclusive computer program that allows us to calculate the requirements for specific goods so that the pharmacy is not overstocked and there are always available drugs in the stock. This program orders medicines automatically looks at the waste, analyzes the turnover, which practically excludes the human factor. Due to the fact that the drugs are always available, the turnover is more active, and Texas Chemist makes a profit even with minimal mark-ups on the goods.

Well, of course, it’s important to work with wholesalers. “We purchase drugs in large batches, and this allows us to receive the maximum discount from the manufacturer and reduce the cost of delivery, which certainly affects the retail price. In addition, we exclude the costs of drug storage – our suppliers deliver most of the goods directly to pharmacies, bypassing the warehouse, “- the pharmacy’s manager said.

“In our pharmacy, drugs are cheaper than in a regular pharmacy but the assortment and quality of service are very high,” the head of the pharmacy said. – It happens that buyers are not lazy to go to another website and compare prices. It’s nice that they always come back.”

From the beginning of 2018, Texas Chemist has been already considered an “online pharmacy with the best prices”. Despite the fact that the consumer flow to the website is much more active than in a regular pharmacy, an automatized system allows you to avoid queues. The management of our drugstore claims that if the consumer demand grows, the number of low-priced drugs will increase since this is the case when you do not save on health but save on the purchase of medicines.

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