Premature Ejaculation: What is It and How to Treat It?

Several decades ago, in medicine, it was widely believed that a man who had sex during less than two minutes had problems in intimate sphere. A little later, premature ejaculation began to be defined by other frames: when eruption of seminal fluid occurs before onset of sexual intercourse or at its very beginning.

It is worth noting that this problem is present in many men around the world. Premature ejaculation has a huge impact on sexual life of a man and causes complexes. In search of solutions, a man is looking for a question on this issue: «Why do I finish fast?» and «How to recover?».Premature-EjaculationPremature ejaculation is a rapid eruption of seminal fluid that occurs in a time that is too short for psychological satisfaction and orgasm of both partners. With this disease, the main goal of sexual intercourse is most often impossible – fertilization of a woman.

Types of Disease

According to Texas Chemist  here are 2 types of this disease. Classification is based on causes of early ejaculation.

Primary Disease

Primary disease is congenital. It is associated with incorrect work of nerve centers in human brain, which regulate function of testes.

This species is rare. One of the reasons for premature ejaculation may be a developmental disorder in embryonic period and trauma in childbirth. Problems appear from the very first intimate experience.

Secondary Disease

In this case, premature ejaculation occurs under the influence of pathogenic factors. These include trauma, psychological problems, infectious diseases and use of certain medicines. Usually, a man already has sexual experience, and ability to normal ejaculation can be restored.

Causes of the Disease

Knowing reasons for premature ejaculation is necessary for doctor to choose proper way to treat the disease and increase its effectiveness. There are psychological and physiological reasons.

Physiological reasons include:

  • high sensitivity of balanus – a very common cause of the disease, which can be congenital and acquired. You can acqure it as a result of phimosis and balanoposthitis;
  • chronic vesiculitis. This disease is associated with inflammatory process in seminal vesicles in which spermatozoa are synthesized. Because of vesiculitis, testis walls become very sensitive, and slightest excitation leads to ejaculation of sperm from vesicles. Usually, together with this disease prostatitis develops, therefore treatment requires an integrated approach;
  • dysfunctions of internal organs. These violations can be both congenital and acquired. Incorrect work of cortical or subcortical structures located in lumbar region is dangerous for development of premature ejaculation. Also urological diseases and bone injuries can affect disease devlopement;
  • hormonal disorders. Disorders of erectile function are possible at insufficient production of testosterone (male hormone) or with excessive production of prolactin, hormone of endocrine system;
  • poisoning. Harmful substances that cause disease include alcohol, nicotine and some medicines.

Among psychological reasons there are the following:

  • fears related to sexual experience. Especially strongly can affect failure during the first sexual intercourse. Among the main fears there are fear of being cought, fear of not satisfying a woman and being ridiculed or fear of prolonged serious relationships. You can cure phobias by consulting a psychologist;
  • lack of trust in relationship. Lack of trust is possible at dissatisfaction with life together, unfaithfulness, quarrels. In addition, this cause can manifest itself in men, in whom sex is a target in itself and the only interest;
  • constant stress caused by problems at work, sleep disorders, lack of rest. Stress often leads to development of depression and affects sexual sphere.

Who is at Risk?

Premature ejaculation occurs at any age, but in most cases it is first recorded in adolescence when entering into sexual life. Often the disease is eliminated by itself, when a man acquires sufficient experience. Care and support of a partner can help to cope with early ejaculation.

Reasons for development of the disease affect health of a man as a whole, so do not delay treatment and it is advisable to seek help as soon as possible. If rapid ejaculation occurs in a man in adulthood, chances for self-healing of the body are very small, so it can be solved only under supervision of a specialist.

Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

To cure premature ejaculation, you need to see a doctor who works with this disease. Seek help from urologist or sexologist.

Treatment may vary depending on the cause of the disease. If psychological factor is at the basis, doctor can send patient to psychologist and offer a course of several consultations. Depending on the type and severity of psychological problem, therapist’s treatment may take a different period of time. When the cause is stress and general body fatigue, Texas Chemist recommends to take a vacation and increase duration of sleep, change the diet.

If the problem is physiological, a specialist for curing the disease will suggest using condoms with special prolonging lubricant or ointments that prolong sexual intercourse. A good method for treating early ejaculation is stop-start method. A couple is engaged in preliminary caresses before appearance of erection. Then a woman stimulates penis. If a man feels approach of ejaculation, he asks the partner to stop. After reducing urge to ejaculate, a woman continues to stimulate. The procedure is repeated 4 times, after a man ejaculates. As a result of this method, a man learns to recognize approach of ejaculation and control it.

If central problem of the disease is increased sensitivity of balanus, the most effective solution will be procedure for circumcision. During circumcision, the foreskin is removed from the penis. Most often duration of sexual intercourse after this operation is increased by 2 or even 3 times.

If disorders in sexual sphere are associated with phimosis and balonoposthitis, circumcision becomes almost the only way out of this predicament.

In addition, to increase potency and improve erection sexologist or urologist can prescribe specialized pills. Course of treatment with these medicines will also affect the disease in a positive way.

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