Diabetes and Impotence – Causes and Treatment

According to the statistics, almost 35% to 75% men with diabetes will surely experience some degree of erectile dysfunction or impotence at some part of their life.

It will surely amaze you that men with diabetes develop impotence almost 10 to 14 years early as compared to the men with no diabetes. As the men with diabetes grow older, the erectile dysfunction becomes as common as nothing. Once they reach the age of 50, the chances of facing some difficulty with erection happen in almost 55% to 60% of males with diabetes. After the age of 70, the chances are as high as 95%. The facts clearly connote that there is a strong connection between diabetes and impotence.

Why do Males with Diabetes Have Erectile Dysfunction?

The causes of impotence in males with diabetes are complicated and include so many things including the impairment in:

  • Nerves;
  • Blood vessels;
  • Muscle function.

the connection between ED and diabetes
The health of the following things is very much essential if a man wants a good solid erection. The things include:

  • Blood vessels;
  • Make hormones;
  • Nerves;
  • Sex of desire.

Diabetes actually damages the blood vessels and the major nerves that play a huge role in erection control. As a result, even if there are normal male hormones and you actually want to have a good sex, chances are huge that you will not be able to get the proper erection and satisfaction that you need. So, diabetes and impotence are clearly connected to each other.


Vacuum erectionAs men with diabetes are unable to get the proper erection, they are unable to have a sex they want. It is not a good situation and it hurts. In such a situation, men start looking for the different options available for them, so that they are able to get and maintain the erection throughout the intercourse. There are so many medications available for such people these days including Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, Levitra and many others. One thing that should be noted here is that as the men with diabetes have some problems with their hearts, the above-mentioned medications may not be suitable for them. In such a case, these medicines can cause some serious damage to your overall health. They may cause some dangerous interaction with medications of heart diseases. You need to talk to your doctor about such a situation and determine which treatment is best for you.

Some of the additional treatments include:

  • Venous construction devices;
  • Vacuum erection;
  • Intracavernous Injection therapy;
  • Penile prostheses;
  • Intraurethral therapy;
  • Sex therapy.

Which treatment is best for you depends on many factors such as the overall health of the person and the ability or the tolerance level that is required for the treatment. You need to ask your doctor which one would suit you. You can also ask whether you should see a urologist in order to know which treatment is the best for you. The specialist will determine your overall condition and will tell you which treatment is better for you.

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